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Set up in 2005, Western Fitting Co.,Ltd.a Manufactory specialized in designing, Producing and Exporting Brass Valve, Pipe Fitting, Water Meter and all kinds of OEM Connector.

Currently, there are about 120 employees working in our company, including 8 professional technicians and 3 senior engineers. The annual value of production is more than USD 15 million. With 15% growth rate, our company is developing at a phenomenal pace.

We can Offer various kinds of fittings for pipe construction. Besides the nice appearance and the good durability, our product is well received due to the reliable leakproofness. To bring more convenience to our customers, we can also offer OEM service and accept orders for complete set of fittings.


  • Currently, China's PE pipe tubing municipal market, is steadily developing plastic pipe, PE pipes, PP-R pipe, UPVC pipes have a place where the strong momentum of development of the most remarkable PE pipe. Extensive field use PE pipe. Water and gas pipes which are the two largest application market

  • PE mine pipe appearance properties have any effect, many customers feel that PE pipes do mine underground mining when the performance of the technical specifications for the appearance is not concerned, but the fact is not so, in fact, mining PE pipe appearance is preliminary testing PE mine pipe th

  • PE mine pipe corrosion resistant, does not leak, high toughness, good flexibility, good anti-scratch ability, construction and maintenance is simple, long life, high strength, creep resistance and good, so PE mine tube is relatively widely used, to introduce a production below PE mine pipe specialis


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